The advantages of moving during holidays of summer season!

It is important to choose the right season for moving. Summer is one of the best periods of the year to pack your house and move into a new place. The weather is nice; it is a lot easier to find supplies or to sell your things and the roads are safer.  Even if you have to put up with the heat and the busy traffic, moving during summer is way better than moving during winter.

Here are some of the advantages of moving during summer:

1. School’s over

301068_311555915527079_81491844_nIf you have children, you know how important education is. Moving in the fall, spring or winter means that you have to take your children out of school for a period of time. Fitting in a new school is hard, especially if you enroll your children in the middle of the school year. Summer means school is off and your children are home which means that it will be easier to manage your packing and moving altogether.

2. Garage Sales!

Summer seasons means garage and yard sales! During the moving process, you will realize that you have a lot of old furniture and other items that need to be sold. A garage sale can help you gather some money for your moving budget. Selling something, even if cheap, it is still better than throwing it away!

3.  Competitive prices!

Summer is also good for the real estate market! You have high chances to find a house at a good price and it is a lot easier to sell your own place. This sells increase means competitive prices and not only from real estate agents! Moving companies also compete and you can find movers in Studio City at great prices! All in all, moving in summer is a lot cheaper!

In conclusion, the best season to move is summer: great weather, competitive prices, yard sales and a lot more free time!

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