Studio City Movers Offer 3 Tips For Moving a Kitchen

When moving to a new residence, one of the most boring and annoying activity is packing. And one of the most difficult rooms to pack is the kitchen.  Here we usually have countless small and fragile items and important appliances.  You must carefully deal with each of these items and apply specific packing techniques and materials. Studio City movers offer 3 tips for moving a kitchen.  Read them and you will have no problem packing your kitchen.

pack a kitchen1)     Do preliminary preparations. Each move must be prepared with at least one week before the move date. That gives you time to realize two lists: one with the items you will be moving and one with packing supplies.  On the list for kitchen you must include: pan, pots, cutlery, tables, microwave, toaster, chairs, glasses, plates and so on.

On the supply list include: boxes (of all shapes and sizes), wrapping materials, packing tapes, markers.  Also, sort your items and see if you find some of them useless. You will lighten the load.  If you want to work with a moving company, contact it ASAP and communicate your moving date and give details about your load.

2)     Pack each item accordingly with specific techniques. For example, is recommended to dismantle the table into more manageable components, if possible. Pack it first, since is probably the biggest object in the room and after that you will have more free space.  Use bubble wrap to protect it.   The chairs must be protected in the same way, with bubble wrap, especially their legs, which are more fragile. For appliances, use their user guides, to see how they must be disassembled and protected. Use the original boxes, if you still have them.  For plates, glasses and other similar items, use dishpacks and special containers.

3)     Work with appropriate moving companies. You will work more effective if you have professional help. Moving companies provide logistic support and specialized workers. They will implement effective moving strategies.

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