Studio City Movers Guide To Packing Heavy Furniture!

Preparing and packing your furniture for a move can be the most daunting tasks of the whole operation. We all have solid beds, sofas, bunk beds, closets, antique dresses or dining sets. Packing them require time, patience, nerves of steel and a lot of physical effort. It is not impossible to pack the furniture on your own, but it will consume a lot of time.

moving-company-300x185Here you can read more about Studio City movers guide to packing heavy furniture. Nevertheless, you should hire specialized workers if you have never done this before.

The first thing you should do is to create an inventory list of what you will be packing and moving.  It will help you track the items better when they arrive at their destination and will help you determine the necessary amount of packing materials.  After that, make a packing material list.

You will need packing tape, bubble wrap, sheets of cardboard, plastic wrap, sofa and mattress covers,  old towels, old rags and furniture blankets.  Visit a moving supply store and explain to the salespeople the type of furniture you need to pack up. Ask their opinion about what materials to choose.  And as usual, it is always better to have extra materials than not enough.

Always clean your furniture before the move.  Polish and dust each item.  It is practical and aesthetic. We do not want to spend time cleaning the furniture once we arrived to a new home.   In order to make the furniture lighter and easier to transport, you should remove everything inside the furniture.

Empty all the dresser drawers, china cabinets, bookshelves, closets and other furniture items.  Pack those things found inside separately. If any of your furniture items can be disassembled, do it. Remove legs from dining tables and sofas. Remove the footboards and headboards from beds.  Use appropriate manuals for further instructions.

Place the nuts and bolts in sealed plastic bags. Label the bags accordingly and tape the bags to the corresponding furniture. Next wrap the disassembled furniture pieces and pack them in sturdy boxes. Wrap sofas, chairs and mattresses in special covers.

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