Movers In Studio City Can Help You Pack Your Kitchen For A Move

The kitchen is probably the hardest room you’ll have to pack, with all its small items, and drawers and cupboards, there’s just so much stuff to sort through.  Movers in Studio City can help you pack your kitchen for a move. But if you still want to do everything by yourself, follow this simple guide.

Sort and Select.  Before you move, select those items you’re taking with you and remove the items you’re leaving behind. Make sure you have “homes” for the things you won’t be taking and check that you’re not moving items that shouldn’t be packed. Go through each cupboard and drawer and be very selective. Donate items to shelters, food banks, have a garage sale or give useable items to friends. See Preparing Your Kitchen for more information.

Prepare an Essentials Box. Put aside the things you’ll need for your last two days in your current home and for the first two days in your new home, including dishes, cutlery, food items, appliances (coffee maker/toaster), dishtowel, dishcloth, cleaner, soap, etc…

Collect Packing Materials. For a family-sized kitchen, you’ll need the following:

  • Using-furniture-removers-for-your-big-move_300x3005 Large Boxes. For lightweight and hard to pack items such as plastic kitchenware, dish racks, small appliances, baking tins.
  • 10 Medium Boxes. For heavier items such as small appliances, pantry items, pots and pans, silverware, contents of drawers, cookbooks.
  • 5 Heavy Duty Boxes. These have thick, double-walls, perfect for packing fragile items, such as plates, glasses, stemware, wine and canisters.
  • Unprinted Newswrap. To pack fragile items, including food items, small appliances.
  • Bubblewrap: Purchase a 36 ft roll or if it saves money, purchase additional amounts. You’ll need it to pack other rooms.
  • 5-10 Cell Kits. Cell kits are extremely useful for packing glasses, stemware, wine and liquor bottles, figurines, vases and canisters.

Label each box. This will help you place the items better in the cargo. It will also help you not to make stupid mistakes, like placing boxes with heavy appliances over fragile porcelain plates.

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