Los Angeles Movers – 3 Tips for Packing and Moving a Garage!

Packing your garage for a move can be extremely time-consuming.  In this area we usually find many mixed things like lawn mowers, tool boxes, welding machines, nails, hammers and everything else a crafty man needs.  Also, this is the place where people usually deposit pesticides, insecticides and other harmful, toxic substances.

movers in laYou must be really careful not to drop tubes or containers with these types of substances. Any of them can produce damage to your body. Los Angeles movers offer you 3 tips for packing and moving a garage.

1)     Make a list with all the items deposited in the garage. You should check the garage with at least two weeks before moving. This will give you time to buy essential moving supplies and devise an effective moving strategy for your garage.

2)     Read more about how to pack different categories of items.  Motorized items, like weed whackers, chainsaws or lawn mowers had odd shapes, are heavy and very hard to pack.  You will need first to remove all the liquids and fuel within them.  Then purchase protective covers for all of them. Before placing them in a box, remove all attachments.

Make sure to keep all small parts in boxes labeled accordingly.  Tools must be secured with plastic tabs or cords. Smaller tools can be kept in various toolboxes.  Use strongboxes for larger tools. If you have outdoor furniture, clean it and dismantle it. Use covers, cushioning materials and strong boxes.

3)     Hire a local mover. Local movers have the tools and knowledge to help you pack and move safely the content of a garage. Plus, they bring much needed manpower. They will help you wrap and pack all of your stuff as fast as possible. So, do not hesitate and contact a local moving company.

We are one of the best local movers in L.A. and we can gladly help you pack and move your garage. Check our website if you want to know more about us.  Check out our rates!

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