How To Pack And Move Studio Equipment

Packing and moving studio equipment must be done with patience and care. Studios have professional equipment for recording, photography, filming and many others.

studio equipment 2If you need to relocate your studio, packing your equipment may be a challenge but if you follow our guide you should manage without difficulties! Remember that Studio City movers are always there to assist you if you will have problems, so whatever you do, do not panic.

1.       Planning

First thing first, you will need to plan and organize. I suggest making a list. This will help you keep track of everything. Write down everything that needs to be packed. You will also need to clean the objects which need to be moved. Mop the floors because if they are wet it will be easier to carry heavy equipment. Gather the necessary moving supplies and clear a path from the objects you wish to move to the front door. Organizing will pay off when you start packing!

2.       Call a moving company

If you have to move studio equipment, you take a big gamble by doing it yourself. Professional Studio City movers can handle packing and transporting for you at a competitive price. You can rely on professional movers because they have plenty of experience handling all sorts of objects. They have proper tools and can supply the required moving materials. You can also acquire moving insurance in order to cover the cost of your valuables if they get damaged during transportation!

3.       Disassemble bulky equipment

Heavy equipment can usually be disassembled into smaller parts. You should do this for laps, recording equipment, light and other objects that can be disassembled into smaller pieces. This will make it a lot easier when you pack and especially when you carry objects. Make sure you do not forget where every part goes, so try to write it down, or look in the user’s manual. Smaller parts should be wrapped and packed into boxes filled with peanut foam.

If you are a photographer or musician who needs to relocate, moving your studio equipment should be left to the professionals. We can offer great packing services at very low prices! Visit our website for a quote and more information!

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