How To Do A Small Move From Studio City To Culver City

If you have to move from Studio City to Culver City, you should not worry too much, because the road is pretty much straightforward. The distance is about 19 miles and it usually takes 30 minutes, but this depends on the traffic. couple movingBy following these simple steps you should be able to relocate to Culver City very easy, especially if you use moving services in Studio City!

Plan a route

Before you start packing, you need to choose a route. The rod is pretty much straightforward as you can see on any map. You should start on Laurel Canyon Boulevard and then make your way up to the Ventura Freeway. Keep straight and then make a left turn and enter the San Diego Freeway which should lead you through the Hollywood hills and up to a big intersection. Make a left on the Rosa Parks highway and continue straight until you reach Venice Boulevard. Venice Boulevard cuts straight through Culver City so it should not be too hard finding your way from there!

Make sure you have the right vehicle

Traffic in Los Angeles is never good and you may get stuck in a traffic jam, so make sure you only do the trip once! Hire moving services in Studio City in order to get a proper truck to carry all of your belongings. Multiple trips may take a lot of hours. You can offer the measurements of your apartment and they will decide what truck is right for you

Start very early or very late

In order to avoid the rush hour traffic jams, make sure you leave very early, at dawn or at night, after 8PM.  If you leave on dawn, you should have all the items packed at least a day before starting on the road. It may feel tiring, but it is better than getting stuck in traffic with a big truck!

Moving to Culver City from Studio City is not difficult if you follow the advice we give. If you need the help of a moving company, make sure to choose our moving services! We can pack, load, transport, unload and unpack your things fast and safe. Visit our website for more information!

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