Does Moving Insurance Cover Musical Instruments?

Musicians do not have to worry about relocating with their musical instruments as these can be easily covered under a moving insurance plan. Moving insurance for musical instruments will provide a benefit if your valuables get lost, stolen or damaged during transportation. In exchange for coverage, you will have to pay premiums to an insurance agency.

cheap-movers-300x200What musical instruments are covered?

Moving insurance will cover any musical instruments from guitars to saxophones and drums. Your valuables are covered under the same plan, but it is possible to insure only one item. If you have more than one instrument, you should purchase a plan that guarantees coverage for all of them.

What type of moving insurance should you buy?

There is more than one type of moving insurance.  Choosing the right plan is important if you want the best coverage. Here is a list of the available insurance plans:

  • Assessed Value. Your musical instruments will be covered accordingly to what they are worth. You will have to evaluate your items and decide what the replacement cost may be. The premiums are calculated based on $1,000 assessed value.
  • Declared Value. This type of moving insurance will cover your musical instruments based on what they weigh. You will be insured for a specific amount per pound of your household items.
  • Full value protection. This will protect your valuables against any forms of damages and loss and it has a minimum coverage and features deductible.

What should you choose?

Assessed value is the best moving insurance for musical instruments you can purchase as long as your instruments do not weigh a lot. If however, you have big and heavy musical instruments like a piano, declared value may be more advantageous. In any case, you must make sure the coverage is enough to replace your items if they get damage/lost during transportation.

In conclusion, moving insurance will cover the cost of your musical instruments and other valuables too. Moving insurance is an important investment when relocating as it provides the best protection for your items during packing, loading and transportation!

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