If you do not want to end up with broken plates, vases or other damaged items, you must learn how to properly pack fragile items. Although the guidelines may seem simple and easy to follow, your full attention is still required when packing items for a move. Here is a list with a few tips that can help you: –   Make a list of materials needed for packing. You must always prepare in advanceRead more

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Moving in Studio City is a great opportunity to meet famous artists and actors and if you are asked to work or live here, we guarantee that you will live a fantastic adventure. But you must first learn some things before you start to move here. Studio City is a busy place and sometime traffic can give you headache. It is best to move all items in a single transport and avoid losing time stuckRead more

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For musicians and singers moving all the musical equipment is a bit concern. We are talking about items with a huge market value, some of them unique and invaluable.  Also they can have sentimental value for the artist. Any artist is worried about the integrity of the instruments. With the help of a moving company all this troubles can be removed. Moving musical instruments presents an increased risk and must be treated with maximum safety. Read more

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