Preparing and packing your furniture for a move can be the most daunting tasks of the whole operation. We all have solid beds, sofas, bunk beds, closets, antique dresses or dining sets. Packing them require time, patience, nerves of steel and a lot of physical effort. It is not impossible to pack the furniture on your own, but it will consume a lot of time. Here you can read more about Studio City movers guideRead more

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Relocating is a complicated activity in anytime of the year, but those with a more flexible agenda and not bound to a specific deadline must consider to several factor.  Take into consideration your job, school program and the weather. Studio city movers offer tips for choosing the right date to move. Furthermore a Studio City moving company can assist you with all the planning and provide full logistic support and a wide range of packingRead more

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When moving to a new residence, one of the most boring and annoying activity is packing. And one of the most difficult rooms to pack is the kitchen.  Here we usually have countless small and fragile items and important appliances.  You must carefully deal with each of these items and apply specific packing techniques and materials. Studio City movers offer 3 tips for moving a kitchen.  Read them and you will have no problem packingRead more

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Musicians do not have to worry about relocating with their musical instruments as these can be easily covered under a moving insurance plan. Moving insurance for musical instruments will provide a benefit if your valuables get lost, stolen or damaged during transportation. In exchange for coverage, you will have to pay premiums to an insurance agency. What musical instruments are covered? Moving insurance will cover any musical instruments from guitars to saxophones and drums. YourRead more

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If you have to move from Studio City to Culver City, you should not worry too much, because the road is pretty much straightforward. The distance is about 19 miles and it usually takes 30 minutes, but this depends on the traffic. By following these simple steps you should be able to relocate to Culver City very easy, especially if you use moving services in Studio City! Plan a route Before you start packing, youRead more

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Packing and moving studio equipment must be done with patience and care. Studios have professional equipment for recording, photography, filming and many others. If you need to relocate your studio, packing your equipment may be a challenge but if you follow our guide you should manage without difficulties! Remember that Studio City movers are always there to assist you if you will have problems, so whatever you do, do not panic. 1.       Planning First thingRead more

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Bedroom is one of the most challenging rooms to pack for a move. We keep most of our personal belongings here and packing them can be really exhausting. Wardrobe, large electronics, shoes, big furniture items are only a few items to mention. For all of them you must find the right box and padding material. We understand how difficult it is to handle all the stress and exhaustion and if you want help, you shouldRead more

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We all want to move in a new location as quick and safe as possible. Unfortunately, accidents are a frequent occurrence and we can end up with some smashed items.  Obtaining insurance coverage for your belongings, while they are shipped to a new house, is not something that must be neglected. Without this type of insurance, you are taking a huge risk. In case that your property does not come altogether, without any scratches, thisRead more

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It is important to choose the right season for moving. Summer is one of the best periods of the year to pack your house and move into a new place. The weather is nice; it is a lot easier to find supplies or to sell your things and the roads are safer.  Even if you have to put up with the heat and the busy traffic, moving during summer is way better than moving duringRead more

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Having a new house brings us tremendous joy and we are excited to live in that new place. But before we can actually live there, we must pack all our items and send them to the new residence. They will make us live comfortable by creating a familiar ambient. Moving is essential and must be done in a professional manner, with specific tools and materials. We all have fragile items, especially electronic devices that needRead more

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